Common Interview Questions & Their Impressive Answers

The number of queries that may be asked by Human Resources, the hiring manager, and different interviewers is limitless. These area unit a number of the foremost usually asked queries and my thoughts on method to|a approach to} answer them in an exceedingly way that produces you unforgettable in an exceedingly positive way.

Tell us about yourself.

This simple nonetheless disagreeable request is sort of certain to be the primary question you’re asked. It’s on purpose open-ended, however that doesn’t offer you play to rehash your resume or tell your biography right off the bat. Instead, consider your response as AN inverted pyramid: begin with broad background data and work your approach right down to many necessary details.

Keep it laconic (1-2 minutes) and, most significantly, keep it authentic. Remember, this is often AN interview, not AN interrogation. Keep everybody engaged and most significantly, calm down. You’re simply setting the tone here — no ought to win the duty within the 1st ninety seconds.

How do you work under pressure?

With this interview question the recruiter is making an attempt to distinguish however you handle stressors within the work and the way you manage some time. This activity question is asked as a result of recruiters grasp that the simplest indicator of future behavior is past behavior.


  • Prepare a response that showcases some time management skills, your conflict management skills, or both.
  • Often, a recruiter can elicit AN example of a time you felt pressured at work and the way you handled it thus it’s a decent plan to organize AN example or 2 before.
  • If mistreatment AN example, use one that had a positive outcome which shows off your problem-solving skills.

Sample response:

“I work very well besieged due to my background as a newsman for a daily newspaper. That job schooled Pine Tree State to be deadline-oriented, organized, and ready for love or money. I learned to use each spare moment profitably as a result of I ne’er knew once I’d have to be compelled to drop everything to hide a breaking story. altogether of my years of newspaper coverage, I ne’er once incomprehensible  a point in time, that are a few things I’m extremely pleased with to the current day.”

Why should we hire you?

This interview question looks forward (not to say intimidating!), however if you are asked it, you are in luck: there is no higher setup for you to sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager. Your job here is to craft a solution that covers 3 things: that you simply can’t solely do the work, you’ll deliver nice results; that you’re going to very slot in with the team and culture; which you would be a much better rent than any of the opposite candidates.


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