How to Choose Career

A career is often composed of the jobs held, titles earned and career selection depend on our own choice.

Know Yourself:

         1st you would know yourself & then think about that what career you want to carry. It depends on our mind order that what your mind would want to do.


         While some people are lucky enough to just know what they want to do and end up in satisfying careers without giving it much thought, most of us are not. Many people don’t put enough effort into choosing occupations or pick them for the wrong reasons. Maybe they choose careers that seem secure or pay well. Then they end up unhappy. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen to you is to make a well-thought out decision.

Taking action:

         You need to take to put your plan into action.

  1. You know that work, training and goals.
  2. Where can I get help?
  3. Who will support me?
  4. You know their is a right way.
  5. You know choose good field.

Consider your dream career:

         An old saying if you would want to choose a career. You should think about what would you do then go to action. If you have money you pick any occupation like singing, cocking, gold smith,you would do any business which you want.

Think about the education you will have as you enter a career:

        Focus on your education and then think about that what career should you choose. Because your education dominate on your occupation. Education gives us light to choose a best career.


        A Career based on our skills. In the whole world  every person have many different skills, So we should find our basic skills and keep try to groom yourself.

Do more research:

        Do more research to find different types of business or jobs in this way we could make best decision about our career. Research helps to choose a best career.


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